Life Journey Post Liver Transplant Surgery – Second Birth

“What doesn’t kill you,makes you stronger”-Friedrich Nietzsche 

When I thought of writing this journey, STRESS suddenly stroke my mind and first thing I did, tried to expand stress into something positive & below words came into my mind instantly.
STRESS – Success Thru Recreation, Energy, Smile & Straightforwardness.

STRESS in positive direction can yield wonderful results & can also disastrous and fatal if in the negative direction.As I have gone thru liver transplant, just penning down my experience of having STRESS experience in both positive & negative direction.

After transplant due to heavy dosage of Steroids (immuno-suppression tablets) & post-Surgical recovery phase which lasted for around 2 years had significant impact on  my STRESS.

Post-Surgery STRESS experience

Negative Stress (from DEC 2009 to DEC 2011)
I was almost bedridden with a very little movement in my all body parts , here would like to mention that I had bleed in my brain before surgery and doctors were not even 1% optimistic of my success of surgery and did not want to take chance but due to my wife and younger brother ,who donated liver was not agreeing and told Doctor,to go ahead and we will accept him dead on Surgery table but not ready to take me home without trying their best & here based on confidence and acceptance of worst situation of my family members Doctors got ready to take the risk of 1% success of survival of mine post surgery .

Fortunately, I was unaware of this level of complication & almost nil chance of survival,so I didn’t have any STRESS and negative mindset while going for Surgery. Not going into more details,the surgery was successful, and doctors was also surprised about my body parameters stability during the surgery. Would like to conclude here with below lines that going TRAUMA of ICU unit and biological clock imbalance , We all thanked GOD!

I came to my SWEET home and Cannot forgot the date, it was  1st JAN 2010 night and my brother WIFE has welcomed home with such a warm way of putting posters of my Welcome as “ Welcome Bhaiya ( BRO ) “ where these two words has lot of emotion and support with love conveyed by her.

Now the start of negative STRESS started getting homed in my mind and the factors that started getting me infected were-

1. No sleep for complete 24 hrs
2. No hand movement
3. Trembling hand fingers
4. Not able to walk or sit without support
5. Could not turn body left & right in sleep position
6. Couldn’t straighten the leg while sleeping position (Maximum time folded)
7. Couldn’t move my toe
8. Always needed the support of family to shave and even to the level of washing my bumps post toilet.

Beside all this physical challenge, my mind and body sync were also missing, and I was not able to get connected with my mind (BRAIN) response time to actual response and there was a delay in response with even in- correct response sometimes and no control of natural call.

To make the livelihood ongoing and maintain my JOB, I must go to office to make my presence and do whatever minimum bit I can do & my actual condition was not known to anyone that I was going thru the mental & physical challenge both, I literally cannot type words initially. Even one day I couldn’t control my urine and urinated in the Office lift, lucky I was alone and came out of lift with my hands on my pants, hiding it and went directly to washroom without anyone’s notice and poured water from wash basin so that colleagues could make that by mistake I got water on my pants dropped.

Also would like to mention here that at home when I see my son ( age 4+ in 2010 ) & my brother son ( age 2+ ) and they can very well move their hands legs fingers toes , walk , sit , sleep very well and without any efforts , I cannot do any of these without any success even after 6 months – 1 year post surgery and I have to take so much pain and efforts to even do all this little bit .This was challenge on physical side which made me towards negative stress and delay in response to the action and communication with others with very low pitch & audible voice from my mouth that even person sitting just next cannot listen it properly lead to mental challenge I was going thru .

The sum of mental & physical challenge were tried to be handled via physiotherapist & psychiatric but of no help and day by day till two years I was going thru negative stress of whether I will be able to walk , speak and sleep in life or not & whether I will be able to sustain my JOB in the company or not as my fingers was not rolling on keyboard but whatever best I could do I was trying my best to deliver & Would like to thank my boss and company who were extending their full & unconditional support during such challenging phase.

So, my mind was in full swing with negative stress as I was unable to get thru any success on my mental & physical challenge for two years. As not able to perform physical and mental way well, I cut off myself from society and stopped even going to office or pickup calls. Confined myself to one room and even to extent of not allowing any guest & my son friend to visit and sit in home. So, I would call myself at that stage a DARK CRUEL DEMON.

Positive Stress (JAN 2012 – till date)

Life start getting new horizons and dimensions with positive stress by support of my WIFE who started reading book ( My stroke of insight ) by motivation of Dr. Rishabha
Deva Sharma , who is in the profession of conventional medicine , use to practice & guide my wife Gunjan Mishra on functional medicine which resulted in significant change in thought process by different books on wellness & enriching her knowledge on ABCD DIET with TAG line “ Kitchen has medicine for all type of Disease “. Her new insight started handling and feeding me with new ways both by fulfilling my body & mind hunger with good food. This new approach changed me towards the fitness overcoming mental & physical challenge day by day.

Today they both are running a Cosmic Wellness Centre so that they can empower others too towards wellness. She has even started writing blog on Health and Fitness. Want to mention here that today I have a life by Conventional medicine science (Dr. Subhash Gupta) but health & fitness is maintained by functional medicine (Dr. Rishabha Sharma & Gunjan Mishra ).Gunjan’s blog page is & Wellness Centre:

Mentioning few Steps taken by her, which started showing improvement in me both physical & mental
1. Let me free to do whatever she asked me to do by force.
2. She started handling me knowing my core nature (empathetic, helpful, very social)
3. Re Connecting me to my friends and things I loved.
4. Taking me out for walk with pride in society (despite my baby steps walking)
5. Letting me feel proud on myself and capability to deliver to office as sincerely and delicately as I was before surgery
6. Willing to Get back again

This all channelized my negative stress to positive stress and slowly I started getting on the track without any physiotherapist & psychiatric and medicinal support. I started seeing the remarkable difference in my walk , body movements , sleep and this all started with positive motivation of “ you can do it “ by wife and my son supporting me as my father and holding my hands while crossing roads , here I got “Will for meaning in life “ the thumb rule in his book “ man in search of meaning “ by DR. FRANKL .

Life train got its right track to travel and I left the driver hired for taking me to office and slowly got my control on car, keyboard, life, friend and started independently performing the official task and relationship both to best of capability, strength and true emotion, feeling without anything in return as promotion, money or hospitality in return.

By blessings of GOD & my Parents the BEST I have got today is second birth and learned from baby steps & A to Z again , standing today again by support from family members, relatives & friends who supported directly and indirectly.
Gratitude to ALL:
1. My Boss (DELEEP KAUL)
2. My doctor (Dr. Subhash Gupta)
3. My brother (DINESH MISHRA)
4. My brother wife, SISTER (VANDANA MISHRA)
7. My sis in law (DEEPTI DWIVEDI)
8. My sister (SEEMA MISHRA)
9. My son (OM MISHRA)
10. My Cousin Brother (Dr RISHABHA DEVA SHARMA)

PUNCH LINE: The feeling of Driving car independently from Dwarka ( Delhi ) to my Gurgoan office ,after a Gap of almost 4 years post-surgery was much more thrilling, exciting, fulfilling & divine than the feeling of buying new car in year 2005 and driving it. It can be correlated with getting Second life is much more precious and worthy of, than anything else materialistic.

I would like to sum-up here that I am in SALVATION (CONTENDED AND FULLY SATISFIED) with what all I have, A Loving and Supporting family, Own house in Delhi, Nice CAR and want to carry it forward with full empathy LOVE and support for MANKIND.

“Aaj Main Upar Aasman niche – I am above & SKY is Beneath “

Blessed to have all in my life!!

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My Parents    Me & My boss

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My Surgeon  My brother & family

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My Wife         My son

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My cousin      My Sister & family

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My both brother in law & their family

Best Wishes